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Anonymous, 13

I found out later that his name was Jeffrey Something, but he went by Max. We all called him Max. He liked it better; it sounded better. Anyway, he was from a town over. I really don't remember how we first met, but he started hanging around with our group.

We were supposed to meet up by the deli one Saturday, and he wore this crazy leather jacket. It wasn't even cold out, and I thought it looked stupid. But he really seemed to like it. I knew tell it looked ridiculous on him and I was embarrased. But, again, he really seemed to like it. And I thought he was really cute.

So, he bought me an iced tea, and we sat on the sidewalk. We must have talked for a while, but I can't remember what we talked about. I remember he was playing with this little stick he picked up on the sidewalk. And then he tried to show me tricks he learned on his lighter.

He made some joke and I laughed, and then he just... went in. I remember feeling really warm, and it was much wetter than I could have imagined. It felt weird and made my stomach flip over. And I blushed all over. And we separated for a second, and he smiled. And I remember just smelling that leather smell from his jacket.

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