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V. Lam, 1991

having gone to an all girls school, boys were very foreign to me.

until the summer of 1991. i went away for the summer and met the very cool, very mature for his age, korean wrestler, eddy june park.

we first met at a dance where i was wearing my $20 neon green gingham dress from the gap. it was very not tackariffic, but i somehow, that night, i felt like i was the shit.

it was truly a night of firsts. he asked me to dance. my first dance with a boy. i felt something hard in his pants. um, i had no idea what that even was. so yes, a first. then afterwords, he grabbed my hand and we walked outside.

alone with a boy, first.
holding hands with a boy, another first.

and then it happened. he leaned it. my heart raced. i think i might have blacked out for a moment. it was totally weird. not sexy. not hot at all. but it was done with. i had had my first kiss.

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