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Katherine S, Age 17

I had just finished my junior year of H.S. and it was my summer vacation. It was daytime and my best friend Jennifer and I were sitting on her bed in her Brighton Beach studio apartment. Her mother was at work and we were just chatting and goofing around. Somehow we got to the topic of kissing and I mentioned to her how I was frustrated that I still hadn’t received my first kiss. She looked at me and smiled, then offered to be my first. She leaned in and we kissed. Not only was it my first peck on the lips, but a full-on French kiss. She had braces and I couldn’t even tell. We kissed some more and it was wonderful. My first kiss was from someone I really cared about and it was so memorable.

Anonymous, 14

My first kiss was when I was 14. My oldest cousin's best friends came over and we were hanging out all day. Each time the room was clear he'd go one step closer. First he held my hand, then he kissed me on the cheek, then he kissed me, and the last kiss of the night occured when I was getting ready to leave my aunt's house.

Me and him were in the kitchen by ourselves and I had a hood on and wasn't looking up cause he has always made me nervous (in a butterfly sort of way). He walked up to me, put his hand under my chin and slowly lifted my face so we were looking at each other and then moved in.

It was perfect, not too much, not enough, it was just right. What made it really hilarious is that NO ONE in my family knows it happened and my aunt asked me not to hang around him by myself (mainly cause I'm the only girl in the family and they are over protective). It was just an ironic end to a perfect night......ah the memories.....I should call him :)

Alexandria P., First Kiss Second Chance

Are we talking about our first first kiss, or our second first kiss?

I was a junior in high school before I had my first kiss. His name was Richy. We were set up as a blind date for prom. We were just hanging out at post-prom (which my high school always held at the local bowling alley) and he just leaned over and kissed me. We ended up really hitting it off, and dated for about 4 months after that. Like most high school couples we ended up breaking up over something really stupid, the thing is, we both regretted that break up for the next seven years.

We kept in contact through short, infrequent visits, e-mails, and phone calls. Whenever we had a problem in our life we would go to each other for help and comfort. After numerous failed relationships for each of us, a failed marriage for each of us, and one kid for each of us (he has another one on the way), and a mutual friend telling us that we still had feelings for each other, we worked up the nerve to really tell each other how we were feeling. Three months, thousands of cell phone minutes, and countless MySpace songs posted to each other later, we finally had our first kiss for the second time around. My daughter and I had just moved back to Minnesota from Florida, along with that mutual friend, we went to visit Richy... as soon as the house emptied, he called me back to him, and without saying a word, pulled me into him and kissed me.

It wasn't the clumsy, nose-bumping kind of first kiss that many of us remember. Instead, it was a very familiar kiss, one that I remembered from the past, but it was now filled with a new passion that had been pent up for the past seven years. Every kiss since then has held that same passion, and we've felt the gratefulness of having a second chance.

Tracey Hunter, 7th grade

Interesting Place / Sweet Kiss

It was 1986…Shane Dimmit was his name. He was the epitome of cute; tan, blonde hair, athletic what more is a seventh grade girl looking for. We had been on a double date, if you will, to the movies. I couldn't tell you what movie was playing, heck I can't even tell you all the parties involved in the double date, but I do remember that the "pick up" parents worked across the street from the mall at Ernst hardware. While we were waiting for our ride we cruised the aisles of the hardware store and there in the middle of the toilet seat aisle I received my first kiss. Not slobbery, no tongue, just a sweet, genuine 7th grade kiss.

KJC - 1989, early freshman year of high school, 13 years old

It was already a bad day because I had lost one of my contacts down the sink drain that morning and could really only see out of one eye. I just wanted the day to be over. But I had a basketball game that night so I was stuck at school. After classes, I walked my newly minted "boyfriend" to the bus stop. The bus shows up, we say goodbye with a chaste hug and he makes his way toward the door.

Then! All of a sudden! Like lightening, he backtracks, grabs me, and plants a giant kiss on my lips! Complete with tongue. I didn't kiss him back - or like, even open my mouth. I was too stunned! Plus I didn't know how. Plus I could only see out of one eye. Plus everyone on the bus was cheering and clapping. It was all highly disorienting.

He left on the bus and I went directly to the locker room where I reported the situation to the entire freshman girl's basketball team. They were very impressed. I went to Catholic school so any rampant displays of affection are high currency.

Then I scored my first (okay, and only) points of the season that night in the game, despite being half blind and just kissed for the very first time!

So I guess the day turned out okay...

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