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KJC - 1989, early freshman year of high school, 13 years old

It was already a bad day because I had lost one of my contacts down the sink drain that morning and could really only see out of one eye. I just wanted the day to be over. But I had a basketball game that night so I was stuck at school. After classes, I walked my newly minted "boyfriend" to the bus stop. The bus shows up, we say goodbye with a chaste hug and he makes his way toward the door.

Then! All of a sudden! Like lightening, he backtracks, grabs me, and plants a giant kiss on my lips! Complete with tongue. I didn't kiss him back - or like, even open my mouth. I was too stunned! Plus I didn't know how. Plus I could only see out of one eye. Plus everyone on the bus was cheering and clapping. It was all highly disorienting.

He left on the bus and I went directly to the locker room where I reported the situation to the entire freshman girl's basketball team. They were very impressed. I went to Catholic school so any rampant displays of affection are high currency.

Then I scored my first (okay, and only) points of the season that night in the game, despite being half blind and just kissed for the very first time!

So I guess the day turned out okay...

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