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Eric Morder, "Sunset"

Oh Sarah!

we didn't know what would happen
but things did happen
and things will happen
like that.

but there we were,
sitting in an abandoned ice factory
in our hometown
it was freezing
and we held hands with gloves on
and we had our first kiss
a few weeks after meeting
flirting (I remember, Sarah,
perhaps one day we would
dance amongst the tallest
most majestic trees
under the full moon
elves we would be
I always called you my dear elf
we would dance
and we would hold hands
and we would sing
and we would look
with ancient wisdom
and complete acceptance
when Frodo wishes to look
in our lady's pool
playing music together
I was 14 you were 15
I bought you sparkling cranberry juice
when you didn’t make it to school
and I found you alone
in your home
on the hill
parents still at work
no siblings
only that ridiculous dog of yours
which you playfully tortured
and he loved you for it
you saying you couldn't tell
the difference
between my playing
and the record
and the volleyball marathon
all night
where you put your head on my shoulder.) we
had our first kiss and that was so good
we had another
boards hanging from nails from the rafters
weeds sticking up through the floor boards
the pale winter sky showing
in the glassless sectioned windows.
our heads were not clear
but we'd never drank
our eyes were pools and
neither of us knew that the sun would
ever set again.

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