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my first kiss happened on thusday and i had been going out with this guy for a couple weeks and i met him because of my friend. so everyday me him and 2 of my friends walk home together because we all live kind of close. my bestfriend lives 5 houses up from me, and he and my other friend live a couple streets away. and so he's the only guy that walks with us but he doesnt care, but today we there was alot more people walking with us because it was my bestfriends b-day.

so we were going to her house and she had a water balloon fight on the street cuz not many cars drive by and the like. we were all running around laughing and then her aunty brought out the water hose. and i didnt really wanna throw balloons anymore, so i went and grabbed the other hose and he was just sitting on the sidewalk.

and he wasnt even wet and i was soaked so i grabbed the hose and i walked up behind him and put my thumb over the opening and sprayed him and laughed as he tried to run away and block the water with his hands. but he got soaked anyway.

and i stopped and he laughed as he tried to ring out his shirt and i let him come a little closer and i sprayed him with the water again and i said "sorry" half laughing. and this time i just dropped the hose and ran, and he chased after me and caught me from behind and spun me around and grabbed my hand and slipped my fingers between his and still laughing he leaned down and was about to kiss me before we realized that everybody was staring at us and laughing.

and i blushed and let go of his hands and then like we were hanging out all of us and then after mostly everybody left jus my best friend me, him and my other friend (the one that introduced us) were talking and then like they were all walking me home because i had to be home by 6 cuz i was supposed 2 be grounded but my mom let me stay out for one day as long i was home by 6 and like 5 minutes to 6 and we were all walking and he was holding my hand.

and then we were a couple houses away from my house and he stopped and i turned around and he pulled me towards him and just kissed me and it was a french and it was kind of funny because we were both still soaking wet because of the water fight and then we had a food fight after so all of us had like frosting and ice cream and whipped cream in our hair and clothes.

Zoe, Sophomore

Yet another story of the numero uno.

I am Zoe and my first kiss was during my sophomore year in high school. It seems like I have had a crush on my best friend-boy (not boyfriend) Adam for forever. We became friends in seventh grade and have been friends since. We had our times when we didn’t see each other that often, but when we did see each other, everything was back to normal. I first realized that I liked him when he asked me to be his wife in eighth grade, as a joke. I accepted and it has been an inside joke ever since. Unfortunately during sophomore year we didn’t have any classes together. I thought our friendship would end. One day after school I had to make up a Biology lab. I had missed dissecting a worm. So I walked in my Biology classroom after school and sitting there was Adam. My teacher said that we would be dissecting the worm together. So I sat down next to him and we were both excited and dissected the worm and talked about everything. So when we were done we went outside and he offered me a ride home so of course I said yes. On the way we talked even more about “the old days” and he confessed that he had liked me, so I finally go the courage to tell him that I liked him too. We parked outside of my house and sat there for a minute, and then he looked at me and asked, “Umm... can I kiss you?” I said, “Yes.” So he leaned in and his lips grazed mine and so smoothly, he pulled away and looked into my eyes and said “I finally get to kiss my wife after almost 2 and a half years of marriage.” Then he leaned in again and kissed me a little more aggressively. We are still together to this day and going strong. I don't know if this is it, most likely not, but I will never forget him... ever.

Emily, In The Rain

He had actually been mean to me on several occasions before. I didn't care because he knew what to do to make me happy.

One summer, after he had ripped my heart out, we drove to his elementary school park. They had all kinds of plants and flowers there, and he knew EVERYTHING about them. He worked his charm on me, but the night was coming to a close. He held my hand as we walked to the car, and we took our time saying goodbye. The clouds rolled in, and all we could do was look in each other's eyes. I didn't want to fall for him and be hurt again. It started raining and he kissed me. He was so gentle and didn't do anything I didn't want. The rain fell harder and harder and our kisses become more passionate. We didn't stay together after THAT kiss, but things eventually worked out for us.

To this day, I still think of him when it rains like it did that night. Miss you, Chris.

Emily C., from Ovilla, TX

I liked you from the moment I met you, which was quite some time ago, when we were full of imagination and childishness. I knew it when I played Legos with you instead of playing Pretty Pretty Princess with the other first grade girls. Then you left.

You resurfaced again in fourth grade at my sister’s funeral. I never did thank you for coming. Thank you.

I had little contact with you until my sophomore year of high school. I asked you to the choir banquet, as a favor. You said, "Yes, of course." We talked some and laughed some and ate some, and then you took me home. I kissed your cheek. I'm not sure if you noticed.

I invited you to my eighteenth birthday party. You came, and flirted with my friends. I wish you had flirted with me. I did not speak to you afterwards for over a year.

I saw you last Christmas at church. We talked for a while, and then you left. I had thought that was the end of it. Then you called to hang out. You remembered what kind of music I liked and had it playing in the car. We talked for six hours.

We went back to our respective schools. You called every week. It made me happy to talk with you for hours.

You comforted me during spring break. We watched a movie late into the night. You leapt on to the couch; our faces grew closer and closer. Then I did what I had wanted to do since the first grade. I kissed you. You were wearing your cowboy hat and my head bumped the brim, almost knocking it off your head. You kissed me back.

It wasn't my first kiss, but you were the first person I wanted to kiss. I want you to be my last kiss. I don't want to kiss anyone else. Just you, forever.

Sean, St. Paul

We walked the same three blocks every afternoon, at first just side by side and talking excitedly, nervously, getting to know each other, but eventually holding hands and not saying a word. At the end of those three blocks, she'd turn right and walk up the hill to her house, while I'd continue straight to my own home. Before she'd turn to leave me for the afternoon, she'd stop to look up at me with those amazing dark eyes, she'd smile that wicked little grin, maybe give a quick squeeze of the hand and then she'd be gone. As far as eighth-grade romance went, what we shared was nearly perfect.

Except for the kiss. I knew that I was suppose to want to kiss her, and I knew that she was suppose to want to kiss me too, but it seemed like we were getting along pretty well with this walking home, holding hands business. Besides, I really wasn't too sure of the mechanics involved, and she had just gotten her braces tightened. Did I dare try to slip my tongue in with all that new, potentially sharp metal? How does one go about slipping one's tongue into another's mouth anyway? Oh Christ, what about bad breath? I lay awake many a night the fall of eighth grade pondering such questions.

In the end, she took the lead, as I've come to find that ladies tend to do when guys hesitate too long, especially when it's something that both sides are eagerly anticipating. When she squeezed my hand before saying goodbye, she held on this time. With some sort of judo maneuver, she swung my body around, and wrapped me tightly with both arms. Stepping on my left foot to gain leverage, she came at me with eyes half closed and mouth slightly parted. I was trapped. And so I leaned in with my own slightly parted mouth, though eyes wide open as I was horrified at the thought of missing her mouth. Contact. Cue the butterflies and lighting bursts and… cinnamon gum? I should have thought of that.

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