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Geoff Peterson, Portland OR

Penny’s Basement

Descending the stairs I noticed the party was in full swing. That is, as much as a high school party can be. People had segregated themselves into small groups spread out around Penny's basement, talking over the music. Rachel was behind me as we entered the large room. Her parents gave us a ride, and it was an awkward ride at that. I had recently discovered that I had feelings for her. We got along great, but I was suddenly struck with inability to speak to her. Rachel quickly vanished into a group of her friends and I was left alone in a semi-crowded room.

Close to the end of the party I heard Penny calling my name. I followed her voice to a small enclosure dubbed 'the kinky corner.' I hesitated. She called me over closer and then reached out and grabbed my arm and pulled me down to my knees. Her other hand grabbed my shirt and pulled me close to her. Somewhere between a whisper and a shout she said, “Kiss me, fag.” My mouth opened slightly with the intent to protest, but she leaned in fast and kissed me, shoving her tongue in my mouth. Her thick tongue was writhing around in my mouth, sliding over and under my own. I accidentally bit her tongue once or twice, gasping for air not remembering to breath out of my nose. I felt Penny's hand fumble with my zipper, our mouths still locked together. I wasn't really fighting her since I was a skinny kid at the time, I did not know what to do.

We had been kissing for at least a minute and Penny was still trying to undo my pants when I heard Rachel calling me. I pulled away from Penny to see Rachel, standing at the stairs. Her parents had arrived to pick us up. I leaped up and dashed for the stairs, saying goodbye on the way. Halfway up the stairs, Penny called me. Without thinking, I walked back to her and her tongue was in my mouth again. We said goodbye, and I left.

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