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my first kiss happened on thusday and i had been going out with this guy for a couple weeks and i met him because of my friend. so everyday me him and 2 of my friends walk home together because we all live kind of close. my bestfriend lives 5 houses up from me, and he and my other friend live a couple streets away. and so he's the only guy that walks with us but he doesnt care, but today we there was alot more people walking with us because it was my bestfriends b-day.

so we were going to her house and she had a water balloon fight on the street cuz not many cars drive by and the like. we were all running around laughing and then her aunty brought out the water hose. and i didnt really wanna throw balloons anymore, so i went and grabbed the other hose and he was just sitting on the sidewalk.

and he wasnt even wet and i was soaked so i grabbed the hose and i walked up behind him and put my thumb over the opening and sprayed him and laughed as he tried to run away and block the water with his hands. but he got soaked anyway.

and i stopped and he laughed as he tried to ring out his shirt and i let him come a little closer and i sprayed him with the water again and i said "sorry" half laughing. and this time i just dropped the hose and ran, and he chased after me and caught me from behind and spun me around and grabbed my hand and slipped my fingers between his and still laughing he leaned down and was about to kiss me before we realized that everybody was staring at us and laughing.

and i blushed and let go of his hands and then like we were hanging out all of us and then after mostly everybody left jus my best friend me, him and my other friend (the one that introduced us) were talking and then like they were all walking me home because i had to be home by 6 cuz i was supposed 2 be grounded but my mom let me stay out for one day as long i was home by 6 and like 5 minutes to 6 and we were all walking and he was holding my hand.

and then we were a couple houses away from my house and he stopped and i turned around and he pulled me towards him and just kissed me and it was a french and it was kind of funny because we were both still soaking wet because of the water fight and then we had a food fight after so all of us had like frosting and ice cream and whipped cream in our hair and clothes.

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