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Corey Podell, 15

I was almost sixteen years old. I had never been kissed and thought it if didn't happen before my sixteenth birthday I was sure to be a sad lonely spinster forever.

I visitied my best friend in Connecticut for a long weekend. She showed her friend, who was seventeen, my school picture before I arrived. He told her I was pretty. He was cute, and he was in a band. Which made him cuter.

We all went, his friends and mine, to the Romeo and Juliet re-make starring Leo DiCaprio. He tried to hold my hand during the part where they kissed for the first time, and I brushed it away. I was scared.

The next night he was grounded and had to stay in. We found someone with a license to drive us across town. He came outside in the cold December Connecticut air in pajamas. My friends drove away, giggling. We sat on the curb. He said "what would you do if I kissed you right now?" And then he did. And we did. And we did. And we did. And then my friends pulled back up.

Its been a decade since that kiss, and no one has ever been as smooth as that seventeen year old boy in a band.

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