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Rite of Passage - A.Dapprich, California

So many thoughts were racing though my mind: open mouth or closed? Long or short? French or American? Where do I put my hands? Her back? Maaaaybe, her arm? How about the butt? Is it too soon to touch her butt? I mean, I'm kissing her, shouldn't that give me the right to touch her ass? Although, what if she gets shocked and slaps me? Wouldn't THAT just be great…slapped on my first attempt at a kiss. Ok, ok…I can do this. It's just a kiss; I've been kissing for years! Although, in all fairness, "Goodnight Kisses" from Mom and the way Aunt Patty leaves a Rorschach blot on my cheek every time she greets me doesn't really count.

"Will? Is everything alright? You haven't said anything and you're sorta sweaty?" I looked down at my hand clasped around hers, immediately dropped it and nervously wiped my hand on my shirt.

"Oh," I said with a sheepish grin and a chuckle, "sorry, about that."

Good job Casanova, sweat all over the girl. If she wasn't hot for you before, she's just DYING to have your sweaty lips molesting her face now.

She looked over at me and gave me a kind forced smile, as though she was saying, 'God, you're awkward…but it's sort of cute.' I looked her square in the eye with fire and passion, but I'm pretty sure I looked more constipated than anything.

Quick! Quick! Now's your chance! She's all buttered up by your befuddled behavior.

I delicately grabbed her chin and brought her eyes to meet mine. Now or never! DO IT! I slowly went in for the kill, closing my eyes right before impact. Our lips touched and for what felt like hours I held my breath so nothing could disturb the moment. And then it was over.

She looked at me, smiled, and looked at her feet. "That was nice," slipped from her lips in a sigh.

"Ya, I thought so too."

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