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Oberon, NYC

I was a very experienced kisser; I started kissing girls when I was about 11 or 12 and it was an incredible experience every time. My high-school girlfriend was a deliciously perfect kisser. We would kiss for hours at a time, literally, and saying good night to her after a date took a good ten minutes of tongue time.

But there was something missing, not in the kissing but in what kissing normally leads to. I knew all along that I really wanted to be kissing another boy; but living in a town of 750 people in the middle of nowhere, that was pretty much just a fantasy.

It didn't happen until I was 25; by then I was frequently going to the opera - the Met in NYC - and had this opera buddy who was still in his teens, a very cute Jewish boy. I was attracted to him but I didn't know how to get him into a 'situation' - basically I had no clue how to seduce another guy...or what to do with him once I'd seduced him.

One night the opera ended very late and he had conveniently missed the last bus home; I invited him to stay with me at my hotel. I realize now it was a set-up - on both sides - but I was a nervous wreck. We got into bed in our briefs and for the longest time we pretended to be falling asleep. Then I couldn't stand it any more and put my arms around him. He turned and we started kissing. And that was when life truly began for me.

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