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Lela S., 14

I was fourteen and feeling like a bit of a late bloomer during the summer of my freshman year. Having never been kissed, I made a doubtful $5 bet with my friend Emily, who was always encouraging me to get into trouble, that I would get a kiss before the end of the summer.

One weekend in July, I went to visit a friend in a nearby town. We went over to a party at her friend Josh's house in the evening and there were only a few of us there. Josh started putting the moves on by sitting down next to me and reading his poetry out of a journal. As I studied his profile, I realized that this was probably my best chance to win the bet.

As the night wore on, we bleached Josh's hair, giving him a sexy peroxide aroma. He offered to walk us home, and Josh and I lingered behind, sitting down on my friend's porch.

"You're so pretty," he said shyly.

"Really? Well, I was wondering...this will sound kind of lame, but I've never kissed anyone before and I made this bet with my friend that I would before the end of the summer. Will you help me win the bet?" Ack! Can you believe I admitted I was only doing it for money?

"Oh, Lela. I would have asked if I could kiss you anyway. I can't believe this is your first time." He looked slightly honored, probably wondering if he was being set up.

We stood up and opened our mouths. He started rolling his tongue around in a clockwise circle for thirty seconds, and then went for a wild counterclockwise roll. I'm not sure what I did, probably just wrestled for some tongue space of my own.

Finally, on the verge of a tongue cramp, he pulled out and we took a few deep breaths.

"Well, I'd better go inside. Thanks," I said, eager to go inside and gossip.

We parted ways and I went inside feeling totally underwhelmed, hoping that's not what I was in for with every upcoming romance. But at least I had won the five bucks.

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