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Caitlin McGuire, 14 at first kiss

We’re Alone

Your tongue darts in and out of my mouth like tiny silver fish, looking for a home. Your hand finds its place, on the small of my back, and it’s fine because we’re alone. You whisper you love me and you promise me that things will change.
Change? Change? Change?
Who cares about change? Right now you’re changed and nothing else matters. All I feel is your tongue in my mouth and your hand on my back and your love in my heart and nothing else matters. You venture in further, I return the favor; I push you harder against the couch and you pull my hips closer to you. I pull back for a second, a millisecond, and I feel like I’ve lost you. If turning blue means a second more of feeling like this then so be it. You pull me to your chest again and your hand migrates to my neck. You arch my head back and I wait to be devoured. A second passes by; an eternity in your arms and I stay whole. I push at you harder.
Devour me. Devour me. Devour me.
My cells rebel against each other and I am everywhere because you’re holding me. Breath? There is no breath; breath does not matter, just keep moving; never stop moving me. Freeze the sun in its place; keep this moment lasting forever if only so that I can feel combined with you. Your hand trails down my shoulder and I shudder; you’ve touched a nerve in me and you set me on fire. You pull away and I pull you back; my hands are on your waist now, my fingers almost circle and I feel insignificant. You put your warm hands on my cheeks; why are you always so much warmer than me? You tell me again, you tell me you love me, and we start the beautiful and terrible dance again and it’s fine because we’re finally alone.

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