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Will D., Chicago, IL

I was on a double date with Cori N. We were in 7th grade and our parents had dropped us all off at the theatre for a couple of hours. I had thought about kissing her, and her friends had encouraged me on the phone all week to go ahead and seal the deal at the movies Friday. They assured me that she wanted it.

So I sat in the theatre, nervous, sweaty, trying to decide when and how to make this seemingly simple thing happen. First I figured, I could put my arm around her. That part's easy. So I did. She seemed stiff but I figured she was just nervous anticipating the approaching kiss. We sat like that for most of the movie. Finally I felt embarrassed for not having already kissed her like my date had his girlfriend.

I went in for it. She was facing forward, eyes locked on the movie... Austin Powers maybe? I had to go around the side of her face to get to her mouth, she wouldn't turn her head towards me! I kissed her, I can't remember if she kissed back, but if she did it was less than magical. Then it stopped. She stopped it. Not me.

All of a sudden she left the auditorium... without saying a word. Her friend followed her out. I sat there silently wondering what I had done wrong. First a minute went by, then another couple of minutes, then finally her friend returned to inform me that Cori was crying in the bathroom. She wasn't ready for things to move this fast, I was told. I tried to apologize and she was receptive. Within a week or two I think I broke up with her. Of course, she'll always tell the story that she got her first kiss too early from this asshole that dumped her after she wouldn't put out. I only kiss boys now because everyone knows that boys don't cry.

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