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It was Columbus Day weekend, junior year. Kelly's parents were away for the weekend. We three girls invited over three private school boys, and we had spent the day preparing. We made trays and trays of red jello shots - for six people.

Boys showed up around 6pm so we could start getting our drink on. No one liked the jello shots. I ate every hand me down. I think I got up to eight. Jay and I were sitting on the couch. The prude me (now and then) thinking how weird it is that someone can get so close to you, like have their arm around you and you smell their breath, and you have only shared maybe five sentences.

I think I knew what was going to happen next. So I excused myself - repeatedly grabbed at walls, pianos, coat racks, as I made my way to the bathroom. I threw up in the sink. Didn't even make it to the next porcelain bowl. Girl friend comes in to check on me, and I wail:

"Don't tell anyone I threw up. SSh no I'm serious. Don't. Tell. Ammnywuun. Ssssh" finger to lips. Of course, all patrons of this party could hear me.

I returned to the L shaped couch. Jay threw is arm around me, threw one hand on triangle shaped AA right cup, stuck his tongue out and then into my mouth.

It wagged a lot and I tried not to pull back at the utter atrocity of a post-vomit kiss. It happened for like two minutes. Then I recoiled from the drunken fog, pulled myself from the blaring light of the living room and passed out on a bed somewhere.

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