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I remember coming into to school the first week of my senior year. As I started to make my rounds before class, I got the strangest look from the most beautiful girl. It was a look that I never got before. A look I have realized is a look of lust. She flashed a quick smile and ran away.

Holy crap that girl was sooo cute! "Janine, who was that girl? She's adorable." Janine looked at me in crazy way, took a deep breath and said, "She's my sister. And she's a freshman." Holy shit a freshman! And I was a senior! That's the ultimate rocking of the cradle!

We decided to walk after school to a local Chinese buffet for some grub. The food should have gave me a sign, cause it was absolutely atrocious. We walked to the bus stop so I could see her off. And I said, "so I’ll see you later" and she said "ok." And she held me, and I held her.

And we looked into each other's eyes and I knew for the first time I was going to really kiss a girl. I kept thinking about all the kisses on TV with lips and tongue and how sensual they were. And I remember how I practiced on my pillow and how I saw porn stars kiss and I tried to keep that in mind. Then I leaned in closer and closer... and closer…

and SMACK! My teeth went straight into her teeth. No lips, no nada...just teeth. All I could hear was her saying "Ouch."

I wanted to die! I pulled back in horror and told her I was sorry, but I knew that I had destroyed the first kiss experience.

But she was nice enough to teach me how to be a good kisser. So months of kissing and kissing and kissing taught me how to be the smooze artist that I am today. I never forgot that kiss with that girl. I felt that I would never ever kiss a girl, then all of a sudden it happened. Even though it was a bad one, I wouldn't change it for the world!

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