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N., 13-years-old

It was on a train from California to Colorado.

He was 13, so was I. His Dad entered the viewing car and saw me sitting by myself. The Dad approached me and my book and began a conversation; when I engaged, he called his son, M, who was seated on the other side of the car, to come join us. He did.

We talked, embarrassedly, like two teenagers will do, and then continued bumping into one another during dinner and then the on-board movie, Moonstruck.

After all the older people went to bed, he made that squirmy, icky move and I knew I was going to be kissed! He kissed the back of my neck, then my ears, and then with one fell swoop got me on the mouth with tongue and everything!

The moment we've all been waiting for...and I re-rehearsed it again and again before it happened and then re-played it over and over once it had.

Twenty years later...I still like it! Best activity there is.

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