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A.L.T., "real" kiss

I have kissed a lot of boys. I am 19 years old and it is a running joke among my group of friends that I have already kissed more than 60 different boys. Yes, I am a make-out slut.

My first kiss happened when I was in sixth grade, on a porch-swing in my aunt’s backyard, but it wasn’t memorable. Instead I am going to tell you about the kiss that changed my life.

I had been in love with A. since I started high school. He was my best friend and I was sure he did not want to be anything more.

The summer before senior year, I was staying at my beach house when I received an unexpected phone call from A. He wanted me to go to a party with him that night. When I told him where I was, he retracted the invitation. The next night I was going to be alone at the house so I called him that afternoon and begged him to hang out with me at the beach. He agreed and picked me up later that night. We got dinner and after we went to the beach, sat in the lifeguard chair, and stared out into the ocean.

It was very romantic, but I still didn’t think he thought of me that way. Then his behavior started to change. It was a little cold so he sat with his arm around me. As we walked back to the car he held my hand. I had butterflies in my stomach and was feeling a way I never had before, and have not felt since.

When we finally got back to my house, he turned off the car and looked into my eyes. I became a little uncomfortable and started awkward conversation. I then realized my younger brother was hiding around the corner of the house to ruin my “date.” I yelled at him and told him to go inside. I turned to apologize to A. and all he said was, “He almost ruined the grand finale.” Then he kissed me. It was not intense (that was saved for the next time), but soft and sweet. It was everything I had dreamt my first kiss with the one boy I had always loved would be.

Our relationship did not last long, but even now, as I continue to kiss more boys than I should, I always remember how I felt when I kissed A. for the first time and hope that someday I will be able to feel that excitement for someone else.

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