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Ming, 13 years old

I was thirteen and he was the quarter back of the junior varsity football team. It happened to be game day, so as most Midwestern schools are - spirit was a necessity. He had given me his jersey the day before and I've been traipsing about all day in it. Of course along the way getting looks and questions about what was going on between us, but most of the time I just smiled and said I was just supporting his team.

I remember it was a very lovely fall evening, I met him in the bleachers after his game to watch the varsity team play. We were hanging out and flirting when one of his friends came up to join us. I guess he was curious about what was going on so he asked us straight up if we were going steady and at that moment in time, we never really talked about things, but Mike answered with a "yeah." I was a little shocked and a bit giddy when I heard that, then his friend asks us if we've kissed. I've been so taken a back at how fast things were going that I felt myself looking at Mike as he answered "yes!"

Of course we had not ventured down that path but I couldn't exactly betray him and tell his friend the truth after he just said we were going steady. Literally a few minutes after he answered his friend actually asked us to show him and just as fast as he asked Mike turns towards to me... and well, it happened. It was a bit more forceful and a lot less romantic than what I had imagined my first kiss to be, but at that moment it didn't matter because it was Mike, and Mike = butterflies.

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