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Kerstin Porter, "He Gave Me My First Kiss"

I climbed up behind my house to the cemetery where I would meet my boyfriend; my first boyfriend I did not think had cooties. I could not wait to see him. Whenever around him my heart beat so hard and fast I wondered if something was wrong with my heart, luckily no medical problem caused my throbbing heart.

I sat alone on a huge tombstone labeled Blood, slowly getting soaked by the rain drizzling through the foliage. Somehow the melancholy scene felt quite romantic. I waited and waited for him to come walking up the hill, but as time past my heart slowed to a normal pace and the romantic atmosphere darkened. The wetness soaked through to my skin finally chilling me to an unbearable temperature and bringing the realization that he was not coming. I headed home not sure if I should be mad or sad or not even care. It was the first time I had ever been stood up.

Returning to my empty home I sat in front of the woodstove staring at dancing flames, emotionless. I still could not understand what had happened or why it happened. The phone rang, I did not move. It rang again; I turned as if to see someone else answer it. It rang again. The answering machine picked up, silence, a breath, than his voice. A knot kinked in my stomach making it hard to comprehend what he was saying. I did not want to hear any excuse, he left me in the rain, alone, waiting and all of the sudden my emotions cleared and I was pissed. Then I heard it, “I am so sorry I left you. I need you.” I believed him. I knew with those words the excuse could be understood.

He showed up at my door, soaked, pathetic, and so handsome. His mother became rather ill that morning and he had to run her to the hospital. I had felt completely alone, deserted, and sorry for myself, while he ran around helping someone who needed him more than I. And now he showed up needing me. I wanted him to know I would do what I could. I moved my face extremely close to his not really knowing why and somehow our lips touched. My heart sped up to such an incredible speed I thought he would have to take me to the hospital. I did not know if I should stay there or turn away before my heart exploded. Somehow my heart stayed in my chest and my lips on his. He slowly pulled away, giving me my first kiss.

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