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Sandra Fowles, "Caught in the Act"

Ryan was everything I was not: he was rough around the edges, he skipped school, he never did his homework, he shunned school clubs and groups, he smoked cigarettes and pot, and he wore way too much cologne. I was in love. During the summer after our freshman year of high school we finally became an official "couple."

One August night, after a laughter-filled evening with friends, Ryan asked me to walk with him part of his way home. My stomach felt what my heart knew: knots and butterflies churned. Walking down the street, hand in hand, I felt my mouth getting dry, my chest tightening up, the skin of my palms dampening. He stopped in the circle of a streetlamp’s light and turned to me. His body was close to mine - very close. I looked up at him with a nervous smile and he brought his face abruptly near to mine. Before I realized it, our lips pressed together. A second later, they parted and…ouch! My teeth smacked into his - hard. "Great," I thought to myself, "sooo sexy." When we finally pulled away from one another I think we both silently decided to try and ignore the mishaps and opted for salvaging the experience as much as possible. I smiled sweetly, seductively, "Well...goodnight then." He grinned back: "Yeah, goodnight." I watched him walk away and into the night.

As I finally turned to head back, I suddenly heard a rustling sound from a nearby bush. Wait a minute, that wasn't just shaking vegetation. I ran to the leaves and hastily spread them apart: Deann and Jennifer, my best friends, were trying to hold each other up as they shook in uncontrollable laughter. My mouth dropped open in shock: they had seen that whole mess of thing?! At first I could not have felt more embarrassed, my cheeks burning against the cool night air. But then, another thought entered my mind…at least my laughable "perfect first kiss" would prove to be a precious, shared memory between my girls and me...one that would provide us with more and more laughter for years to come.

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