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R. Light

(my first kiss) and then some

I didn't date much in high school, and the few times I did no decent girl deigned to kiss me.

In my last semester of high school, when my eyes scanned the horizon for the vast expanse of possible new experience and testosterone took control of my brain, my trigger finger got itchy. I was a product of L.A. and fully aware of the promise of the lurid mid-sixties youth culture spilling over into the streets. I longed for something more than the neat nip-and-tuck of my adolescent life.

Her name was Maida. Maida was 21 years old, a real nice lady who had a beehivehairdo and a killer body squeezed into paisley print pants. Unfortunately for her, she had gotten herself in well, a family way, and had left her family back East to spend some time with her aunt in L. A. She had come west to have her baby and deal with the requirements of putting it up for adoption. By all appearances,
Maida felt constrained in her new surroundings.

Maida's aunt was one of my mother's best friends. One evening my mother and Maida's aunt went out, and Maida and I were left to our own devices as we remained behind lounging at her aunt's home. She already had had her baby, and I have no idea why she hadn't already returned home. I don't imagine I embodied any great fantasy for her, but I wasn't bad looking and I did dress rather spiffy. And probably most important, there I was, sharing the immediacy of that forlorn time and space.

I recall lunging toward Maida (and she for me), saying something about being desperate for physical attention. I'm not sure that much has changed to this day! We had a wonderful passionate kiss, and I groped mightily at Maida's physique. I seem to recall my mother and her aunt returning home, and my hand dropping away quickly as I grabbed Maida's blouse back to its proper position around her waist.

Oh, what a delight while it lasted!

Maida and I saw each other with romantic intent one more time. We took a long drive and we made out, and I fondled her gorgeous breasts for every inch of excitement they were worth.

I always will recall Maida as being a loving and lovely lady, and I couldn't have asked for a better first kiss or a better encounter with an "older" woman.

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