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In Junior High, I was a definite burn out. But in High School I didn't really have a group that I fit in with. I wasn't a jock really, I wasn't a thespian, I wasn't a geek - but I kind of touched all those groups. So, in my quest to kind of find out where I belonged I ended up, well, I ended up playing Dungeons and Dragons.

Ok. So I'm at this kid's house, and he's really into it, you know. He acts out all the moves and does all the accents and everything. So this kid's sister showed some interest in me. Visably. Because, I guess, I'm the one cool kid at her brother's D&D game. Or so I thought. And so the game is going on and, somehow, I don't really remember how it happened. But the game is going on in the basement and we end up meeting in the stairway.

And we kiss. With the sounds of the game going on in the background, you know. The screams and murder of wizards and the rolling of multi-sided dice, we're kissing. And I remember that my mom came to pick me up after. And that Toto song is playing, "I bless the rains down in Africa..." and it's such an emotional thing you know because the song is playing and I just kissed this girl for the first time. And that was it. So that was my first kiss.

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