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Billy B.

She was a freshman. I was a sophomore. The football team and title of class president definitely helped expose my friendly nature. That was also the year I began to study the process of becoming a DJ. I had acquired equipment and began playing at parties. One night after a football game, we all went to a party near the high school where I ran into Jenny for the first time in months. I had always crushed on her even in middle school, and now, with my adolescent status, I thought I had a better shot. I immediately approached her and we began talking. By the end of the night, we were alone on the couch catching up on everything. We went to Denny’s where we pursued the conversation even further and I totally got lost in her eyes and just soaked her all in.

She mentioned her fears as a freshman, and also brought up her upcoming birthday. I pledged myself as her valiant knight and promised to throw her the b-day bash of a lifetime. She laughed at the thought, and thought me silly until I came to school later that Monday with flyers in hand for her party.

Flash forward to the party – we had talked to her parents who let us use her ranch. We had turntables setup, food, "refreshments"...the vibe was set. Later that night, the ranch was filled with hundreds of people. Even guys from the varsity team came down to lend their partying expertise. Suffice it to say, the freshman princess became an overnight sensation, and her fear of being unnoticed was instantly banished. She grabbed away from my turntables later that night and took me to street outside. She was teary eyed. I hugged her and asked her what’s wrong. All she could mumble was thanks. For the party, the attention, for simply caring that much. I smiled, and before I could hug her, she leaned up and kissed me. There was no spin the bottle. There was no dare. There was no elementary element behind it. Just two people who care. I kissed her back hard and laughed as I grabbed her hand to take her back into the party. I kissed her goodbye again later that night, and dreamt of many more kisses to come.

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