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Rachel and the Firefighter's Daughter

She and I had been friends since kindergarten. We used to have sleep overs at least one Saturday a month and every time my mom took my family on some crazy vacation, I picked something up for her from every weird place we drove through or wound up in.

I don't remember when I started to like her, or the first time we kissed. I know we were in the 4th grade, in her basement. Her dad was a fireman and he had all sorts of little pictures and mugs and glasses and things with dalmatians on them all on shelves and on top of a huge bar they had downstairs. We started out kissing closed
lipped, and proceeded over time to get more adventurous until eventually we were making out every time I came over.

It went on for a few months at least, but I didn't see her much over the summer so when school started up again in September, our friendship was a little awkward. She never wanted to me stay over anymore, or go to the movies or anything. She started hanging around the girls at school who wore eyeshadow (or as much eyeshadow as the nuns would let them get away with) and rolled the waistbands of their skirts up to
show their knees. Her birthday was in February (the 10th I believe) and even though I don't think she wanted me to come to her party, her mom invited me. I went.

All the cool kids from school were there. They played really awful pop music and danced and I felt kind of like an alien. I was awkward and taller than even the boys, and I wore my brothers old jeans while the other girls had trendy jeans on and lipstick. After we had pizza and cake, everyone sat down to play truth or dare. I was seriously uncomfortable before, this only made it a million times worse. She
was dared to kiss Joe, and she did it. Allison was dared to kiss Craig, and they did it. Then I was dared to kiss Brad and he protested. I scoffed and said I didn't want to kiss him, either, but I wasn't going to be a pussy about it.

I leaned in to peck his cheek and he pulled away, so I told him to fuck off and I went upstairs to call my dad. She came up after me and said she was sorry and I told her to fuck off, too, in front of her mom. I told her she didn't have to invite me to her party or pretend to be my friend between classes, and that I didn't care anymore. We got along okay in passing after that, but we were never friends again. I went through the rest of my time at St. V's getting made fun of and called an ugly dyke by her friends, but I always kept her secret and I will always think of her every single time I see a dalmatian.

She sucks.

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