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Elements of Life, Anonymous

I was almost 18 and the partying, drinking, and guys had soon clouded my mind.

That night put us all in a zone, losing all common sense...one second I was stepping up to him and asking for a dance and another second I was tangled in his arms, his breath hot on my neck. I've dirty danced before but this time...woah...he'd whisper in my ear phrases like "Just lead my hands" or "Wherever you wanna go." I told him I don't do this and he reassured me that I should do whatever I was comfortable with. An hour passed and I was about to step out the door. "You can't leave me like this" he said, and ran off to my best friend successfully convincing her to stay the night.

My body was aching, my head was spinning and all I needed was some water and a chance to sit down. He followed me to the darkened area of the room. It started off well talking about sports, school and all. All was good until I stopped talking, and his lips had a chance to occupy my neck...I froze. His lips soon captured mine, and stayed still. 'What the hell' i thought and went for it. I pulled away, I always pulled away...never the one to start it up again, just once I had had the nerve to turn his face toward me. It wasn't gentle, it wasn't sweet and it sure as h*ll wasn't dry...haha kinda slobbery...it wasn't at all how I imagined it'd be.

Part of me believes that it meant nothing to the both of us but just an excuse to have some fun. I don't know and probably never will know what it meant for him and to some extent I'm okay with that. It was about a month ago yet it seems like it never happened and looking back at it now, I finaly realise that my actions were nothing but the actions of my curiousity.

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