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"My First Kiss," Anonymous

I am a freshman in highschool.
My first kiss happened this year.

It started when i went to volunteer at a local spring by his house. He showed up because i told him I'd signed him up, even though i didnt. So Yes, i was a little bit of a liar to get him there. but he came anyway. It was an akward morning, and then it came, we were finally alone, together. He leaned in...

and I was ready to die, i was scared to death I would do it badly, that i would do it wrong. So i pulled away, it was supposed to be his first kiss too. By the look on his face he was devistated. but i couldnt bring myself to try again. i was ready to cry.

So, i went a whole weekend without talking to him. but i had to go to school on monday. i tried my hardest to ignore every couple in the halls screaming failure at me. At the end of the day he walked me to the bus, I decided I would do it then, i wasnt going to think about it... I stood up on my tippy-toes and planted a small peck on his lips. I turned the deepest red imaginable, and my poor heart fluttered out of control. he smiled a little, but i couldnt make any words come out.
so i turned around and started to get on the bus.

In a way i failed. again.
but thats ok.
the next day we did it again... :)

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