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Alexandria P., First Kiss Second Chance

Are we talking about our first first kiss, or our second first kiss?

I was a junior in high school before I had my first kiss. His name was Richy. We were set up as a blind date for prom. We were just hanging out at post-prom (which my high school always held at the local bowling alley) and he just leaned over and kissed me. We ended up really hitting it off, and dated for about 4 months after that. Like most high school couples we ended up breaking up over something really stupid, the thing is, we both regretted that break up for the next seven years.

We kept in contact through short, infrequent visits, e-mails, and phone calls. Whenever we had a problem in our life we would go to each other for help and comfort. After numerous failed relationships for each of us, a failed marriage for each of us, and one kid for each of us (he has another one on the way), and a mutual friend telling us that we still had feelings for each other, we worked up the nerve to really tell each other how we were feeling. Three months, thousands of cell phone minutes, and countless MySpace songs posted to each other later, we finally had our first kiss for the second time around. My daughter and I had just moved back to Minnesota from Florida, along with that mutual friend, we went to visit Richy... as soon as the house emptied, he called me back to him, and without saying a word, pulled me into him and kissed me.

It wasn't the clumsy, nose-bumping kind of first kiss that many of us remember. Instead, it was a very familiar kiss, one that I remembered from the past, but it was now filled with a new passion that had been pent up for the past seven years. Every kiss since then has held that same passion, and we've felt the gratefulness of having a second chance.

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