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Anonymous, 14

My first kiss was when I was 14. My oldest cousin's best friends came over and we were hanging out all day. Each time the room was clear he'd go one step closer. First he held my hand, then he kissed me on the cheek, then he kissed me, and the last kiss of the night occured when I was getting ready to leave my aunt's house.

Me and him were in the kitchen by ourselves and I had a hood on and wasn't looking up cause he has always made me nervous (in a butterfly sort of way). He walked up to me, put his hand under my chin and slowly lifted my face so we were looking at each other and then moved in.

It was perfect, not too much, not enough, it was just right. What made it really hilarious is that NO ONE in my family knows it happened and my aunt asked me not to hang around him by myself (mainly cause I'm the only girl in the family and they are over protective). It was just an ironic end to a perfect night......ah the memories.....I should call him :)

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