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FKP Special Edition, Jon

Is it your first kiss that matters, or the first kiss between you and your true love? The person with whom you plan to spend your entire life certainly ranks as high as the juvenile fumblings of, well, juveniles. I met my love, my life partner as it was, and still is, lying on a friends couch on a sunny afternoon. I was in a manic fit, rendering me useless until an Adidas track suit was obtained. My amigo knew me and was unruffled by my rushing him out the door to obtain said track suit, however the young lady I was soon to kiss, for the first time, thought me quite unhinged.

Upon our return it was decided that libations would be in order, and so we trekked off to a nearby watering hole. Smoky bar, pool tables and youthful energy; a spark was definitely there. So we began a dance, the mating ritual of the North American Slacker Youth. Gen X crossed with Gen Y, which led to why not? We talked a while, drank some more. A flash of time and she sat next to me, then on my lap. Then we kissed, adrenaline surges and hormones flow. I knew she was the one.

Fifteen years later and we live three blocks from that bar. Don’t remember my very first kiss at all, but I will always remember that kiss.

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