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Lauren at 15, by Dan Bruton

When I started backing the car out of the garage, I placed my arm on the back of her seat as I turned and looked through the rear windshield. I was two months away from getting my license, and the car my parents already bought was taunting me to drive it. I clumsily put the car in gear and slowly pulled into the street.

"You sure you won’t get in trouble for this?" Lauren asked.
"Rules are meant to be broken." Did I really just say that? God I am cheesy, I thought to myself.

I drove down the road about a mile and slid the Mazzy Star cd in. My friends were already having sex while listening to this cd, and I thought it must have had some kind of magical power. I turned the volume up slowly and nervously placed my hand on Lauren’s thigh as 'Fade Into You' began playing. Tonight was it; I'm going to make it happen.

We stumbled through awkward conversation as I drove the car for a few more minutes and made my way back to the house. I pulled the car back into the garage and shut the engine off, but kept the key in the accessories position so the cd continued to play. Both Lauren and I froze up, and I knew that it was her first too. I leaned over and began the kiss with a gentle closed mouth peck, which quickly turned into a sloppy jaw wrestling marathon. We stayed in the car as the cd ended and skipped back over to the first track, just in time.

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